History of the brand

Interview with Claudio, founder and owner, and Domenico, designer of XLAB.

Can you share what the story is behind the brand name?
Claudio: «XLAB contains a story that echoes the essence of experimentation and innovation. When our journey began, we imagined creating an exploration laboratory in the world of glasses.
The X symbolizes the unknown, the unexplored and the extraordinary. Originally, the brand wanted to be a testing ground for a limited selection of sunglasses models, encouraging shoppers to experiment with customization. The LAB portion reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and evolving the eyewear experience.
With the support of an internal designer like Domenico, our narrative has expanded over time.
The inspiration for the creation of our models also finds roots in elements of nature, which have always been an inexhaustible source of creativity. In our collection from 2020 to today, each model is associated with the name of an island. Therefore, XLAB represents not only experimentation, but also the exploration of a still unexplored beauty. Each pair of glasses embodies the spirit of discovery. »

XLAB Sunglasses

What is the brand's mission?
Claudio: «XLAB comes to life with the aim of offering elegant glasses at a fair price. We are convinced that elegance does not necessarily have to coincide with a high cost. Our mission is to shape eyewear with an urban and contemporary design, made accessible to all, maintaining the balance between style and convenience. »

What is your formula for ensuring that glasses remain affordable for shoppers while maintaining a high level of design?
Claudio: «It's all about smart manufacturing and strategic partnerships. The production process is entrusted to third-party partners with whom we have had a solid relationship for over 20 years. We take care of the design, planning and distribution internally. This synergy allows us to optimize production costs without sacrificing the quality and distinctive aesthetics of our brand, guaranteeing customers an impeccable combination of style and value for their investment. »

Let's dive into the design aspects with Domenico. How do you approach a new collection?
Dominic: «Our design philosophy revolves around simplicity and versatility. Clean lines and modern shapes define our style, ensuring they resonate with a diverse audience. We want our glasses to fit a wide range of styles, from streetwear to business casual.
We start with research on current trends, then we customize the design to make each product contemporary, unique and consistent with the rest of the collection. »

Who is your target customer and how do XLAB glasses meet their needs?
Dominic: «Our target customer is anyone who wants to stay fashionable without spending a fortune.
Our glasses combine timeless design with a contemporary touch and are suitable for different age groups. Our dedication to quality and distinctive identity permeates every creation, ensuring that each frame expresses a unique style. Each collection is designed to suit a variety of tastes, celebrating diversity in personal expression. »

How does XLAB align with other fashion brands?
Dominic: «Keeping up to date with trends at all company levels, from design to communication and distribution, is essential for us. We closely follow emerging styles, colors and shapes to incorporate them into our designs. This ensures that our customers can always find glasses that fit their budget but are also contemporary. The result is a perfect combination of design and trend. »

In such a competitive market, what distinguishes XLAB from other eyewear brands? What are 3 adjectives that identify the brand?
Dominic: «XLAB is committed to making glasses accessible without sacrificing their design and, above all, eye protection. This is probably our strong point. An internal design and planning team, a rare feature in our industry, guarantees impeccable quality and a good degree of customization. So I would say: versatility, trend and Italian design . »

What projects are you focusing on for the next 5 years? Are you planning to open stores to develop your physical presence?
Claudio: « The brand is experiencing a phase of notable growth, the focus is on the expansion of our distribution channels with particular attention to enhancing the online shopping experience.
For the next 5 years, we are evaluating the opportunity to expand our physical presence not only in Italy but also in other countries, focusing on key cities and strategic periods.
We have ambitious projects in the pipeline, what guides us is sustainable growth, supported by targeted and constant investments, with the aim of offering our customers the best possible product. »